Teacher Training


Teacher Training

We can help you with your search for Teacher Training. We help thousands of people in South Africa find the best Teacher Training and course information through our online service.

”A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
- Henry Brooks Adams

Teaching is increasingly a career for the most able graduates, and to become a qualified teacher, you need to complete a teacher training course like the ones below. There are a number of options available below, so you can choose the one which most suits your needs.

As a prospective student you are probably evaluating not only what you would like to study – but also looking at your options pertaining to Open and Distance Learning (ODL). It is advisable to look for a reputable and accredited provider when considering any qualification.OLG currently supports the widest variety of distance education programmes available, which are all paper-based to cater for the needs of our students.

Teacher Training CoursesThese programmes are designed for you as a teacher to stay ahead, develop and improve your teaching skills – these programmes will help you to continue influencing your students positively.

The programmes are tailored for year-round access using the open distance learning approach in which there are no closing dates for applications. The programmes are conducted utilising various modes of delivery, which include paper-based learning and online support, facilitation during contact classes, and summer and winter schools held at centers nationally, as well as facilitation via interactive Smart Boards, SMS communication and excellent call center support, this simplifies the learning experience for the student.

Exam centers are available throughout the country and graduation ceremonies are held at selected venues in key areas.

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